Marketing and management options to add value to your grain.

At United Farmers Cooperative (UFC), we understand how critical service is when you’re pushing to get a year’s worth of work out of the field and under cover. That’s why we’re constantly upgrading our facilities and equipment to take care of your crops. But as important as efficient grain handling and storage is, marketing that grain in today’s volatile environment is the key to consistent profitability. That’s where the grain division really shines. We know the challenges and potential pitfalls that come with storing and marketing your grain crop. From planting to harvest, we're here to provide the service and support your operation needs.

Our goal is to provide our patrons the best products and services, as both producers and owners. UFC has over 45 million bushels of grain storage. The cooperative operates 19 grain facilities in Nebraska and 10 grain facilities in Kansas to provide our patrons with easy access for unloading. Ten of UFC’s grain facilities are located on major rail lines, providing end users direct access to this grain. Combine the access and competitiveness with a variety of marketing options and we can help to put you in the driver’s seat for maximizing your profits.

Through in-depth market analysis, we add value to your grain bids. We are your connection to end-users and we are committed to being your best marketing service. Prices come and go. Decisions need to be made. What we do is work out a long-term strategy that helps each grower achieve greater overall success…not just this year, but well into the future.